Unravelling the Delectable Street Foods of Agra




Welcome to Agra, the city of the iconic Taj Mahal, and a gastronomic paradise waiting to be explored! As a passionate food lover and traveller, I embarked on a mouthwatering adventure through the bustling streets of Agra to uncover the street food - Agra. Join me as we dive into the vibrant culinary culture of this historic city and discover a wide range of delectable, famous street foods that will tantalize your taste buds. Let's make your visit to Agra an enticing journey of flavours.

Petha: Agra's Sweet Delight

No exploration of Agra's street food is complete without indulging in the iconic Petha. This translucent, candy-like sweet, crafted from ash gourd and soaked in sugar syrup, comes in delightful flavours like saffron, cardamom and even paan (betel leaf). Experience the rich essence of Agra's sweet hospitality through this lip-smacking delectable treat.

Bedai with Jalebi: A Hearty Breakfast

Start your day like a true Agra local with a hearty breakfast of Bedai and Jalebi. Sink your teeth into the crispy and flaky lentil-filled Bedai, perfectly served with piping hot, syrupy Jalebi. The delightful fusion of savoury and sweet is a culinary symphony that will leave you craving for more.

Chaat Galore: The Ultimate Street Snack

As the sun rises, Agra's streets come alive with an array of tantalising chaat options. Experience a burst of flavours as you indulge in the tangy and spicy Aloo Tikki Chaat or relish the zesty Pani Puri. Each bite is a dance of tastes that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

Kachori with Sabzi: A Filling Lunch

For a wholesome and satisfying lunch, head to the local stalls serving hot and spicy Kachori with a side of indulgent vegetable sabzi. The crispiness of Kachori, filled with a flavourful lentil mix, perfectly complements the rich flavours of the accompanying sabzi.

Tandoori Treats: Agra's Grilled Delights

As the sun sets over Agra, immerse yourself in the alluring aroma of Tandoori treats. Savour succulent Tandoori Chicken and Seekh Kebabs or delight in Paneer Tikka. These grilled delights offer a symphony of spices that will leave you yearning for more.

Agra's Iconic Bedai Ka Nagori: A Must-Try

An Agra delicacy that captivates both locals and tourists is the delectable Bedai ka Nagori. This soft and flaky pastry, filled with a spiced urad dal mix, delivers a savoury delight you won't soon forget.

Dalmoth: A Nutty Snack

As you wander through Agra's bustling streets, keep an eye out for vendors selling Dalmoth. This crunchy and savory snack is made with nuts, lentils and spices. Perfect for on-the-go munching, Dalmoth will keep you energized during your explorations.


Agra's street food scene is a vibrant tapestry of flavours and stories, each dish narrating a unique tale of the city's culinary heritage. From the sweetness of Petha to the hearty Bedai with Jalebi, Agra's streets beckon food enthusiasts on an unforgettable gastronomic journey and stay at Hotel Goverdhan. So, the next time you visit Agra, let the promise of street food in Agra entice you, and embark on a delightful culinary sojourn that celebrates the rich flavors and culture of this historical city.